Sunday, October 26, 2014

ChemWell 2910 Chemistry Analyzer for Medical Laboratories

Chemistry analyzers are used to analyze blood and body fluid samples for bilirubin, albumin, creatinine, magnesium, uric acid, calcium, inorganic phosphorus or assays of thyroid. Branded products for medical laboratories feature advanced technology and can provide accurate and timely results. Manufactured by Awareness Technology, Inc., ChemWell 2910 is an open and easy to program system that can set up assays, routine jobs, quality control, panels, and even index calculations to suit specific medical laboratory needs. Users can select from a wide selection of monitoring and reporting styles. In order to deliver more accurate and precise results, the device includes precise pipetting of low volume specimens, careful control of temperature, and elimination of carryover.ChemWell 2910 Chemistry Analyzer - FeaturesWith a complete open system, ChemWell 2910 can easily program additional wash volume, increase the number of washes, direct the probe to pick up, and dispense a probe cleaning solution after each specimen. It can make pre-dilutions. This is often not essential as a high precision level is achieved with a 2uL sample. The other important features of the ChemWell 2910 are as follows -Typical throughput - Up to 200 endpoint reactions per hour, up to 170 kinetic reactions per hour
Typical reaction volume - 200ยต L or less
Set up assays, routine jobs, quality control, panels, even index calculations to match individual laboratory requirements.
Self-monitoring mechanics and optics
Reaction Volume <250uL
QC tracking
Probe washes inside and out washes
No custom disposables required
No carry-over
Long-life IAD filters
Liquid sensing probe tip
Level-sensing wash, rinse, and waste bottles
Handles up to 27 reagents, 96 samples
Edit standard curves
Dimensions - 36.25"(92.1cm) width, 18.75"(47.6cm) height, 21.5"(54.6cm) depth.
Creates automatic service reports
Auto-dilute and retest for over-range samples
Approximate weight - 80 lbs (36 Kg)
8-well wash head
Process EIA at ambient temperature or 37°C
Completely password protected

The chemistry analyzer also comes with an optional reagent cooling accessory (RCA) which protects reagents from ambient heat. The removable racks can be refrigerated and then pre-loaded to make it ready for the next use.Buy From a Reliable laboratory Equipment SupplierThe best option when it comes to purchasing the ChemWell 2910 chemistry analyzer is an online laboratory equipment store. You can view the image of the product and examine its features and specifications in detail. A reliable supplier would offer this analyzer at a price much lower than new. Placing an order and making payment is easy. Reputable dealers will provide excellent post-sales support including repair and maintenance services.

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