Sunday, September 21, 2014

Applied Kinesiology Is Health Care for the Individual, Not the Masses

Medical studies have a big problem. They study one substance on a whole population without taking into account the FACT that individuals in that study ARE different. Applied Kinesiology takes your individuality onto account.I went to Web MD and was reading "Coffee vs. Tea for GERD (acid reflux)." They were looking for a relationship between coffee, tea and reflux. Essentially the results were inconclusive. Yet clearly some people get reflux from these substances.The problem with medical studies is that they expect all people to react the same.When evaluating someone using Applied Kinesiology we understand that there are different body types and any type can react differently. A certain type of person may not do well with caffeine or a certain type of coffee or tea.When using Applied Kinesiology I am trying to find which substances are affecting YOU, not which substances are effecting the general population.I don't tell you that your problem is all in your head because MOST people don't react the way you do.The same individuality goes for supplements.If you conducted a test of flax oil to resolve headaches you would see that for most people it would not solve the problem, but for a few it would.The medical industry would say that therefore flax oil is not the "cure" for a headache, so don't bother with it. However, it is too simplistic to say that everyone who gets a headache gets it for the same reason, or caffeine does has the same effect on every person.

If an Applied Kinesiologist sees that flax seed oil helped YOU, then he would think:"Why does flax oil help you?"
"What else is similar to that product?"
"What organs or systems does flax oil help?"An Applied Kinesiologist accounts for YOUR individualityFor many people certain products work if they are taken at certain times or in conjunction with other products or treatments. You could even have two different brands of the same type of product but one works for someone and one works for someone else.Your particular problem may have something to do with your nutrition, your emotions, your alignment and your lifestyle.Medical studies cannot take that kind of INDIVIDUALITY into account. It is trying to do mass studies on large numbers of people to find a drug that works the same on everyone. This often does not help the individual.Applied Kinesiology can account for a person's individuality by reading signs that come directly from your body. In this way we can come up with a more effective, holistic, natural plan for you to regain your health.

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